SaaS Customer Support Using AI Chatbots

Simplifying Complex Help Documents With AI

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Uncomplicating Client Success

Using the very latest technology in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Generative Text Processing your AI Chatbot not only comprehends the content of your documents and website, but also the essence of user queries, replying with human-like assistance.

Clients find it difficult to find answers in your help and support documentation. It’s easier to just open a support ticket and get you to find the answer than search through the documentation themselves.

AI Chat Builders gives your documentation, support tickets and forums a 24/7 conversational chat interface that acts like an live, experienced, support agent and can be trained automatically in minutes.

Unmatched Benefits For You and Your Customers


Our AI Chatbot ensures that every interaction is consistent and accurate, providing a high standard of service at all times.

Rapid Scalability

Your business can scale rapidly as it is not as constrained by the long training lead time needed to get customer success staff fully up to speed.


Automating routine inquiries with the AI chatbot significantly reduces the operational cost and time associated with staff answering these queries. Your team can focus on more complex tasks, boosting overall productivity.

24/7 Access to Support

AI Chat Builders offers 24/7 support. Whether it’s a developer with a question in the middle of the night or a staff member working a different shift, the chatbot is always available.

Staff Training

AI Chat Builders simplifies the onboarding process for new staff. With the AI Chatbot trained on your specific processes, new staff can quickly get up to speed, leading to more efficient service delivery.


AI Chat Builders offers multi-lingual support using your existing English language help documents and support forums. Chat users can ask questions in their native language and AICB will live translate to find the answers in in your documents. It then live translates back to the requested language.

Your AI Chatbot In Two Easy Steps

Load Documents

  • Upload PDF Or Word Documents
  • Via Web URLs

Install Bot Script

  • Via Google Tag Manager
  • Directly To Your Website

It's ready!

From that moment your chatbot has been trained on your business and can answer questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our AI Chatbot applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to read, comprehend, and learn from your website’s content and your documents. This enables the chatbot to understand customer inquiries and generate appropriate, tailored responses.

Our AI Chatbot can learn from a wide array of documents, including but not limited to PDFs, Word files, and web content. The bot uses this acquired knowledge to grasp and accurately respond to customer queries.

Embedding our AI Chatbot onto your website is an easy process. Once the bot is trained using your documents and website content, all it requires is the addition of a single line of script to your site’s code. We provide comprehensive instructions and full support to assist you in this process.

Absolutely, our AI Chatbot comes with the optional capability of processing and responding to inquiries in multiple languages. As of now, for processing and learning, documents need to be in English, but the bot can answer and interact with customers in various languages.

You can start your free trial by clicking here: “Start Your Free Trial Today“. This will guide you through the process of setting up your AI Chatbot.

Yes, users can choose to erase their chat history in the chat interface. Questions and answers are only stored by us on the users device.

Our service partners may keep chat questions and responses for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes for a maximum of 30 days, after which it will be deleted, unless mandated by law.

Yes but we only share content with a select group of trusted service providers who assist us in delivering our services. We share the minimal amount of content needed for this purpose, and our service providers are bound by stringent confidentiality and security obligations. We do not utilize or share user content for marketing or advertising. For further details on whom we may share your content with, please refer to our Privacy Policy 

Content is stored on AI Chat Builder systems and our trusted service providers’ systems in the US and around the world. We may also send select portions of content to third-party contractors (subject to confidentiality and security obligations) for data annotation and safety purposes.

No. We do not sell your data or share your content with third parties for marketing purposes.

No, neither we nor our service partners use your data to train AI models.

AI hallucinations occur when the AI tries to answer a question to which it does not have the right information. Our AI chat is trained to only answer questions on the data provided and to indicate it does not have the answer if unsure. Plus a link is provided with every answer to the most relevant page on your site for more information.

You can deploy to your website in a matter of minutes. Use your sitemap.xml file as the content source, and add the chatbot JavaScript to a tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager. You can be up and running in just 10 minutes.


Training is automated  - there is no hand built, convoluted, branching, chat design and testing process.


There are also no deployment service charges from AI Chat Builders.

Yes - you can use Google or Microsoft Authenticators to secure your login credentials.

You can, but we strongly advise that you add only publicly accessible data to your chatbot's knowledge base.


If you would not want the content to be found on Google, then you probably should not add it to your chatbot's knowledge base.

Chats are moderated to prevent chat related to hate speech, self-harm, sexual content, violence and similar topics. Questions on these topics are answered with "I am sorry. I am not allowed to discuss that topic." or similar.

No - AI Chat Builders bots will only answer questions on the content on which they have been trained.