Welcome to Pleasantville

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About Us

The heart of our vibrant community. We’re committed to delivering top-quality public services that enhance the quality of life for our residents.


Explore our website to learn about our range of services, community projects, and how we’re working every day to make Pleasantville an even better place to live and work.

The Heart of Our Community

Pleasantville Town Council is a vibrant, forward-thinking local authority that's deeply rooted in the values and aspirations of our thriving community. We're located in the heart of the state, dedicated to serving our residents, businesses, and visitors, ensuring Pleasantville remains a great place to live, work, and play.

Community-Driven Leadership

We are a group of dedicated public servants committed to maintaining the rich history of Pleasantville while driving growth and innovation. Our team works diligently to uphold our traditions, promoting a sense of unity and belonging, while steering our town towards a sustainable, prosperous future.

Striving for Excellence

Our council takes pride in delivering quality services and programs that cater to the diverse needs of our residents. From robust public safety services and meticulously maintained parks to state-of-the-art recreational facilities and top-notch public works projects, we aim to foster a high standard of living for everyone.